Sodium Coco Sulphate (Needles)

Sodium Coco Sulphate (Needles)

This product is a versatile toiletry raw material that combines optimum performance with excellent foaming characteristics. It is used in a wide range of applications and has the appearance of fine needles making it a unique component for shampoo bars (see our recipe). It is USP/NF grade and meets the requirements of the USP29/NF24 for sodium coco sulphate.

Sodium coco-sulfate is very similar to sodium lauryl sulfate—the only difference is that instead of using just one lauryl alcohol to start with, they use a blend of fatty acids from coconut oil, react them with sulfuric acid, then sodium carbonate, to create sodium coco sulfate.

Classification: SURFACTANT in white, needle form
Usage Guidelines: Shampoos, hand soaps, bath products, shaving creams and medicated ointments.

See our Solid Bar Shampoo Recipe

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