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Step by step instructions for lining a wooden soap mold
(cold process soapmaking)


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You will need a wooden soap
mold, freezer paper,
cardboard, tape & scissors.
Cut the cardboard the same
size as the bottom of the
Measure out a single piece of
freezer paper to fit the length
of the mold.
Cut the freezer paper.
Place the freezer paper shiny
side up and place a cardboard
template in the center.
Fold the freezer paper
lengthwise to the cardboard
Continue to fold the freezer
paper to fit the template.
Turn and crease in the other
direction.  You will now have
one piece of freezer paper
that will fit perfectly inside
the mold.
Remove the cardboard
template and place the
freezer paper down inside the
Slowly open one end then the
opposite side creasing and
folding like you would a
Snip down the ends at the
four corners just to meet the
top of the mold.
Fold the freezer paper down
over the top of the mold.
Secure it with tape.  Do this
to all four sides of the mold.
Finished, lined mold.
Your soap, lining and all, will
lift out once the soap has
hardened.  No soap will leak
onto the wooden mold.



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