Shower / Wash Jellies (like LUSH) Recipe

Shower or Wash Jellies are a fun, fabulous way to get clean. Easy to make and use, no refrigeration needed and a little goes a long way in the shower. We suggest you pinch off a small piece and insert it in your buff puff and start washing. They create so much lather you won’t believe your eyes!

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Salve for Insect Bites / Stings Recipe

Make/use this salve to soothe itching caused by insect bites and rashes, and to aid healing of minor skin irritations. Neem oil, known for reducing pain and swelling also aids in drawing out the venom. Wonderful essential oils have natural antiseptic properties and reduce swelling.

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Bubble Gum Lip Scrub Recipe

Don’t forget your lips — keep them pouting smooth with our Bubble Gum Lip Scrub. All natural and vegan, and a totally edible finished product. This scrub can be used daily just before you add your lip stick or gloss.

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Ginger-Guava Shampoo

Super simple, simply fast, fastly gone from the bottle! Make a batch in no time flat. Using our natural liquid soap/shampoo base and the essential oil and/or fragrance oil of your choice, mix the two ingredients and pour into your favorite shampoo bottle. Top it off with a really cool label.

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Lip Serum

Only natural ingredients and Neroli essential oil to comfort. Lip Serum is also a vegan product. Neroli’s aroma is a wonderful blend of floral with undertones of citrus. Experience its calming, uplifting beauty.

Recipe makes 3 lip gloss tubes or (0.75 ozs)

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Solid Concealer or Corrector Mineral Makeup Recipes

Really big solid mineral makeup concealer or corrector.

Sick of running out of concealer? It seems like the first thing you run out of every month. Well here’s one that guaranteed to last for many months. Make enough to put one in each handbag too!

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