Ultimate Body Butter Recipe (like Shealoe)

Our best Body Butter is ultimately creamy, non-greasy and glides on the body.  Stays creamy and fluffy!Only 6 ingredients, we’ve borrowed and tweaked the recipe from Lotioncrafters.com and Terry Labs (the inventors of Shealoe).
Make this recipe with supplies from us & Lotioncrafters.comUltimate Body Butter Recipe


Aloe Vera Liquid 1:1        15.8 ozs
Shea Butter, Ultra           17.2 ozs
Sorbitan Stearate              1.2 ozs
Polysorbate 60 or 80         .6 ozs
**Euxyl PE 9010                   .4 ozs






Makes about 35 ozs – Time: about an hour


In a glass Pyrex measuring cup,  heat the Aloe Vera liquid to 176ºF.  In a stainless bowl or pot, weigh the Shea Butter, Sorbitan Stearate, and Polysorbate. Heat these ingredients to 176ºF.  When both reach 176ºF, remove from heat and pour the Aloe liquid into the Shea, Sorbitan, Poly mixture and  immediately start to blend with a stick blender until it has cooled to 140ºF.  To cool faster, the stainless bowl can be placed in cold water or ice bath.  Once it reaches 140ºF add the Euxyl PE (preservative) and mix well.  Continue mixing until it reaches 131ºF and then switch to a wire whisk.  Keep whisking slowly until it reaches 72ºF  and then pour into a smaller container with a paper towel on top to absorb moisture– let cool for 8-10 hrs in refrigerator.  Butter will look like cake batter, but will thicken up.  After 8-10 hrs  you can add your desired essential or fragrance oil and whisk it in good.  We added .5oz-1.5oz per 35 ozs of fragrance and packaged into jars.

Equipment needed: glass measuring bowl, stainless pan or bowl, thermometer, stick blender, whisk, stove top/microwave.

** Euxyl PE 9010                   .4 ozs  (available at Lotioncrafters.com)  This is a very mild preservative for leave-on applications.