Happy Skin Soap (a combo of CP and M&P) Recipe

Have you ever wondered if you could combine cold process soap and melt & pour soap base?

We do it all the time and with great and unique results. Using this technique, you can finally use those troublesome FO’s that cause you problems during CP soap making.

This recipe makes a 6 lb loaf. All ingredients are weighed unless otherwise stated.

 HAPPY SKIN Soap by pvsoap.com


  • 8 oz. Palm Oil
  • 12 oz. Coconut Oil
  • 12 oz. Olive Oil
  • 12 oz Distilled Water
  • 4.7 Lye (sodium hydroxide)
  • 3 lbs Clear M&P

Start by lining your soap loaf mold. Make the CP soap following basic CP instructions. Once your batter is attrace, add 1/2 of the scent to the batter and then add the soap batter to the mold. Next, melt your M&P base and liquefy it completely. Add the remainder of the fragrance oil and the whole oats. Slowly add the M&P to the top of the CP soap by pour it over a spatula as to not break through the bottom layer. We don’t bother to insulate, just wait 24 hrs and remove from the mold. Cutting soap with a knife works the best for any soap containing M&P base. Cure as usual for 4 weeks.

Even though this soap has no added color, we think it’s a beautiful natural bar. We’ve scented ours with
Orange Essential Oil and Cassis Floral Fragrance Oil. Both available at pvsoap.com.