Dog Bone Soap Recipe

Try this fun recipe. Makes a great gift for any dog lover.


Ingredients & Supplies:

  • Several pounds of white melt & pour soap base and or Melt & Pour Shampoo Base
  • Dog Bone soap mold
  • Castor oil
  • Essentials oils: eucalyptus, citronella & cedarwood; 1/2 oz each or more depending on how much you are making.
  • Small wicker basket, tissue paper, raffia & our custom label

Start by following our basic directions for melt & pour soap. Add 2 tblsps per 11 ozs of soap base (each half of the dog bone mold holds 5.5 ozs) of castor oil to the melted soap base along with several drops of each of the essential oils. Pour into the two half of the mold and let dry. Remove and package to your style.

The Dog Bone Soap pictured above is two half tied together with raffia.