Easter Egg Soap

A fun Easter craft for the holidays! This idea could also be used to make festive bath bombs.


We used a Jello Jiggers Mold or use 2 piece plastic Easter eggs and drill a small hole in the top of one half. Pour pastel colored and scented melt and pour soap into the mold. Let harden and remove from mold (If soap is hard to release, put it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes).

Decorate a simple basket with Easter grass and a ribbon. Add soap eggs. Makes a great alternative to chocolate and a lot less fattening, but be sure to label your basket “SOAP.”

The same idea can be used for bath bombs, but we recommend using the 2 piece plastic Easter eggs for the mold. Each half can be filled separately and then pressed together. Take an old paper egg carton and fill it with fun “egg shaped” bath bombs for the kids or anyone.