Felted Soap Instructions

What is felted soap?!

It’s your soap and washcloth all in one. Made with 100% Merino or Alpaca wool roving and handcrafted soap bars. Wool has natural anti-fungal properties and will retain its freshness. As you lather the soap, the wool remains tight around the soap making the bar last longer. The felt shrinks along with the soap as you use it, and the casing can be reused by slitting along the edge and inserting a new bar of soap.

Instructions for Felted Soap

You Will Need:

  • Several pieces of cured handmade soap, different shapes, any ugly bars that you’ve made and hate the way they look.
  • 100% Wool Roving (merino or alpaca wool, we use www.alpacadirect.com)
  • Washboard or sushi mat and a towel
  • Old panty hose stocking or knee-hi
  • Liquid soap
  • Drying rack

Trim any sharp edges from your soap pieces so that the corners are smooth. Select your color choices of wool roving a pull off a portion of the wool, enough to wrap around the soap in one direction. Wrap more wool roving around the soap in the opposite direction and then place the covered soap into the bottom foot-part of your panty hose. (we cut the panty hose off at the knee). Wet the panty hose under warm/hot running water and drip some liquid soap over the piece (this will start the felting action). Start to rub the soap (on all sides) on your washboard or sushi mat. The liquid soap along with the stocking and washboard will create friction which allows the wool to felt. Keep rubbing the soap and rinsing in between. After a few minutes, remove the soap from the stocking and check the felting so far. At this time you can add additional wool to make it thicker or add different colors if you want. Put the soap back into the stocking and repeat until the wool is matted down on the soap. Rinse in cool water and blot with a towel. Let the soap dry on a rack overnight. Use the next day.

When in use, we recommend using a slotted soap dish which allows air flow and will help the soap dry on all sides. Check out our video below and see us making our felted soaps.