Flower Child Patchouli Soap Recipe

Groovey. Cool. Radical. Far Out. Bitch’n. Neato, whatever you call it you’ll love it ~ full of bright color and loaded with what else, Patchouli in this all new cold process recipe.

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Ingredients: ~ Makes 10 lbs.

  • 40 ozs. Coconut 76° or 92°
  • 36 ozs. Olive Oil Grade A
  • 32 ozs. Palm Oil
  • 12.8 ozs Palm Kernel Flakes
  • 51 ozs. Distilled Water
  • 18 ozs. Lye
  • 6 ozs Patchouli Essential Oil
  • 3-4 tlbsps of each: Ultramarine Pink, Yellow #6, Yellow #5
  • 8 ozs Glycerine Liquid or olive oil (to pre-disperse colors)

Following basic cold process soap making instructions and working at a temperatures between 100-125°.

Pre-disperse each of your colorants using a few drops of glycerin or olive oil and mix until smooth in separate bowls.

At a very light trace add your essential oil.

Have three additional small bowls on hand. Pour some of the scented soap base into each of the three bowls. Add your pre-dispersed color – one to each of the bowls of soap. Mix the colorants into the soap base. I also use a whisk or give it a quick shot with the stick blender.

You should now have four bowls ~ plain white soap, ultramarine pink soap, yellow#6 and yellow #5.

Pour the plain white soap into your lined soap mold and at the same time (and here is where that extra set of hands helps) pour the other three colors into the mold, swirling as you go. The result will be as shown in the photo above. Don’t overwork the colors too much into the white base.

We also made a wooden mold that holds ten pounds ~ you can use two 5 pound molds or anything you have. Don’t forget about plastic bins, as they also work well, but please line them for easy removal.

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