How to Wrap Soap

Here are some ideas to get you started.


#1 Brown Kraft box. Add a wooden bead or button with a piece of wire. Wrap in one direction with sisal ribbon (about $.49 yd) and wrap in the opposite direction with raffia. Keep closed by wrapping raffia around bead.

#2 Natural unbleached parchment paper, sisal ribbon, hemp string and natural or wooden beads.

#3 Corrugated cardboard, very colorful strings or yarn (available at most craft stores).

#4 Cello bag with two holes punched at top after we folded down the top. Draw string or hemp through the holes and finish with small wooden beads. Inside we put a piece of burlap fabric as a background and finished with a sticker label.


#5 Stacked soap on a natural slotted wooden soap dish with a piece of burlap underneath. Tied in two directions with ribbon or strings. Added a tag.

#6 Baby cello bag used for sample size soap. Finished with leather cord, tag and raffia ribbon piece.

#7 Stacked two soaps and wrapped with vintage postage design paper (available at craft store with scrapbook supplies), finished with vintage-like ribbon.

#8 Kraft box which fits one bar of soap, sticker label and chenille bow.


#9 Muslin bag with sticker label and raffia ribbon. Muslin bag allow for scent to permeate through.

#10 Band label and shrink wrap (available at most craft stores).

#11 Bar is wrapped with black tissue paper and finished with a sticker label. Tissue paper is versatile and comes in many colors and prints. Put the stick over the raw ends to hold together and no tape is necessary.

#12 Round dish from a planter was filled with three circular soaps, netting cut to size is finished with two coordinating wire ribbons.

#13 Asian theme soap in cello bag, tied with black silk cord and decorated with an Asian coin and bead.


#14 Soap wrapped in brightly colored fabrics, tied with a soap holding sponge and waxed string to hold together.

#15 Soaps wrapped in brightly colored fabrics and bright yard. Dab with craft glue to seal. This is a nice change from the usual country calicos.

#16 Soaps wrapped in tissue paper and put into a attractive plastic box. Finished with ribbon and a message sticker (available at most craft stores).

#17 Soap or small tins wrapped in decorative paper napkins (available at import stores), finished with wire ribbon.

#18 Felt bag. Holds many soaps. Can be made from 5 small pieces of felt and whip-stitched together. Cord was added for a handle.

soap_wrap5   pig_soap

#19 Whimsical organza drawstring bags for a special occasion and a matching gift tag.

#20 3-D soap wrapped with fine netting and tied with silk ribbon and gift tag.