Man Beard Shaving CP Soap Recipe

Here’s one for the guys! With skin nourishing goats milk and deep cleansing clay. This bar creates loads of wonderful lather!

Man Beard CP Shaving Soap Recipe

Recipe makes 5 lbs. (use bar molds, PVC or silicone molds)


  • 9.6 oz. palm oil
  • 22.4 oz. coconut 76° or 92° oil
  • 19.2 oz. olive oil
  • 12.8 castor oil
  • 1 oz grapefruit seed extract
  • 2-3 ozs. essential oil
  • 24.4 oz. goat milk (frozen-cold) (1#,8.4 ozs)
  • 9.2 oz. lye
SCENT: Bay Rum
ADDITIVE: Vulcanus Color Clay or bentonite clay (1 cup)


Follow the instructions for Goat Milk Soap. Prepare your oils by weighing them and melting them to a temperature of 100-125° and set aside. Remove your pre-frozen goats milk from the freezer and let thaw for a few minutes to soften (we like to freeze ours in a zip lock bag). As soon as the goats milk can be broken apart, weigh out 24.4 ozs in small chunks and add to your plastic container. Then weigh out the lye. A little at a time, start adding the lye to the container of frozen slushy goats milk – stirring and adding a little bit more until all the frozen milk is dissolved. The goat milk mixture will look creamy, not orange or curdled.

Don’t be concerned about the temperature of the lye mixture just get the oils temperature to around 100°. Using a stick blender, start adding the goats milk/lye to your oils, mix well and continue through to trace. Add grapefruit seed extract as a preservative the scent and clay at a light trace. Pour into individual molds suitable for cold process soap, or use PVC lined with freezer paper or use silicone muffin baking sheet.

After 18-24 hrs. put your mold into the freezer for easy release of your soap bars. Remove from mold/s, cut and cure soap for 4 weeks.