MarshMellow Soap

This soap floats!
Recipe makes 2 lbs of soap

marshmellow soap


  • 1 lb. White Melt & Pour Soap Base
  • 1 lb. Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base
  • 1/2 cup Clear Cleansing Liquid Soap Base
  • Pinches of powder colorant (we used D&C Yellow 8)
  • 1/4 cup of any white mica powder
  • 1 oz Orange Fragrance Oil (or any scent you like)
  • 1/4 cup Cream of Tartar
  • 1/16 cup SLSA (if you want more suds)

Supplies you will also need: Stick blender, silicone mold, bowl, measuring cups/spoons, spray bottle of alcohol, knife.


Cut up the white M&P and melt in a glass measuring cup in the microwave. Add the melted soap to your bowl along with liquid soap, all the colorant, 1/2 the fragrance, 1/2 the cream of tartar, and the SLSA.

Beat for about 15 mins. or until you see the soap doubling in size. Don’t worry about the bubbles. Pour into the bottom of your mold.

Now melt the clear M&P and beat it along with just the balance of the scent and cream of tartar. Beat until it’s almost doubled in size and pour over your first layer into your mold. You may need to spritz the first layer with alcohol. We poured it while the first layer was still soft-ish.

Wait a few hours and cut into chunks or wedges. Add some of the mica to a plastic bag along with a few pieces of the soap and shake to coat so that they look like marsh mellows.

Add them to a pretty jar and use accordingly…

marshmellow soap{2}