Melt & Pour Soap w/ Embedded Flowers

Fool the eye and make an impact this summer with glycerin soap embedded with flowers. Silk flowers that is! We’ve embedded soft silk flowers within melt & pour glycerin soap.

Below are instructions and packaging ideas for keeping your creations neat and fresh especially if you’re gift giving or reselling your soap.



Clear melt & pour glycerin soap (ours in no-sweat), any plain mold of your choice with at least 1″ in depth, a selection of small silk flowers, fragrance oil, microwave safe measuring cup, plastic wrap, cello bags, and ribbon. Start by cubing the M&P soap and melting it in the microwave safe measuring cup until liquefied. Lightly grease the inside of your mold with PAM or Vaseline (optional). Remove the silk flowers from their stems and place two or three face down in your mold. Add some fragrance oil to your liquefied soap, stirring well to blend. Slowly pour the soap into the mold/s. The flowers may float to the top, so gently push them back into the mold. Let dry and remove soap from your mold.

Packaging Options:

Wrap in plastic wrap and place into cello bags. Finish with a wired ribbon. If you’re reselling, don’t forget to label your product with your company name, ingredients, net weight. and contact information.

embed_soap2   wrapped_soap5