Mineral Makeup Concealer Recipe

Loose mineral powder concealer. You determine the size of this recipe.


Phase I

  • 1 part Micronized Titanium Dioxide
  • 1 part Serecite Mica- Matt
  • ½ part Magnesium Stearate

Phase II

  • Drops of Jojoba Oil
  • Drops of any essential oil (for scent)
  • Drops of Vitamin E

Phase III

  • 1/8 part Yellow Iron Oxide
  • with dashes of light red or orange to achieve a pail flesh tone or to match the color of your skin tone. (Add more if needed to achieve the desired shade).

Combine all ingredients from Phase I in either a mortar & pestle or The Magic Bullet™. Blend, slowly adding the ingredients from Phase III to achieve the color desired. Mix well. Add the ingredients from Phase II last to your mortar & pestle or remove from your Magic Bullet and then add them. We’ve found the Magic Bullet™ to work great and really blend all the colors without leaving any clumps. The Magic Bullet can be purchased at local shops & Walgreen’s Pharmacy.

To make a liquid concealer, add the loose mineral powder concealer to you favorite face cream.