Recipe for Real Shaving Cream Soap

Cold Process Method using Sodium and Potassium Hydroxide

This shaving cream soap is rich and thick and has the lather holding-power that men love and need for a good  shave.  Once cured, the pucks can be added to jars or shaving mugs and used with natural bristle shaving brushes.

Makes 3.5 lbs.

Real shaving-cream-soap

11.5 oz Stearic Acid
7 oz Coconut Oil
2.3 ozs Cocoa Butter
2.3 ozs Castor Oil
28 ozs Distilled Water
1.6 ozs Sodium Hydrox
2.6 ozs Potassium Hydrox.
Bentonite Clay – tablespoon
Essential Oil – 1.5 oz

Weigh all ingredients.
All ingredients can be melted in the microwave safe container.
Melt stearic acid separately and then add to melted oils.
Prepare your sodium hydrox. and potassium hydrox. and add to the distilled water.
Let the lye cool slightly to (90-100 degrees).
Add cooled lye mixture to melted oils and stick blend until it gets smooth and creamy.
Add your essential oil and bentonite clay.
Pour into mold/s,  or pour directly into plastic jars or ceramic mugs.
Insulate overnight.
Let cure for 2-4 weeks

Use plastic jars, ceramic mugs or silicone cupcake molds
All ingredients can be found on our website.