Massage Balm Recipe

This massage balm is similar to those selling for $36 by L’Occitane. It is wonderful for full body massage and stress areas such as the neck and shoulders. It is not as strong as a Tiger Balm.

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Bohemian Grove Lemon Soap Recipe

Smells exactly like a fresh lemon squirted all over your body. Tons of lather and can also be used as a shampoo. Lemon is a natural cleanser for the skin and hair.

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Oh Nelly Bath Jelly

Kids can have a blast with this jelly. They can scoop it out and toss into running water, paint the tub and themselves, glob onto a sponge or washcloth and dare we say…even bathe with it…the possibilities are endless.

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Saponification Value Chart

Calculating lye: multiply the amount of oil/s you are using in ounces by the value for that oil from the chart below.
*Note which hydroxide you’re using. That total is the amount of lye (sodium hydroxide) needed. If using a combination of oils, multiply for each and add all the sums for a the total of all the fats.

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