Sea Glass Soap – Melt & Pour Recipe

Like finding these rare gems while walking the beach, our Sea Glass Soap will bring delight to friends and family. Perfect for the beach house, as hostess gifts, or beach-themed weddings or holidays. We scented ours with sea breeze fragrance and packaged a full pound in our clear Chinese food cartons.


Here’s how easy they are to make:


  • 1-2 lbs. of clear M&P soap base
  • 1 oz or less of fragrance oil
  • green, blue & yellow soap colorant (liquid)
  • 1 oz or less of silk mica powder
  • 3 small (5 x 7 trays) or use our square loaf molds
  • container of your choice, label, ribbon
  • knife, stir, zip lock baggie

Melt the soap base in the microwave until liquid – do not boil. Divide the soap into 3 parts and color each with the colorants to achieve the glass-like colors. Add the fragrance and stir. Pour the soap into the bottoms of the trays or mold to 1/4″.

Once the soap is set up and hard, remove from the tray or mold and cut into 1/2″ strips and then into small pieces about the size of sea glass. No need to be too fussy with the size pieces.

In the zip lock baggie add a bit of the silk mica and some of the soap pieces. Shake until coated, repeat until all your pieces are frosted. Use a soft brush to even out any of the mica that might clump on the pieces.

Add to your container, label and top with a soft ribbon. — Share!