Soap Scrolls Recipe Idea

This recipe makes 2 soap scrolls


Supplies Needed:

  • 9×11 pan or small tray
  • freezer paper
  • 1 lb of clear M&P soap base
  • 1 tsp of water
  • fragrance oil
  • colorant
  • optional herbs
  • handmade paper and raffia

Makes 2 scrolls

Line the pan with the freezer paper leaving a small lip around the edges. Fit the freezer paper down into the four corners making sure it’s smooth. Place the pan on a level surface or else the soap will roll to the lowest end and you will not get an even thin sheet. Slowly melt your soap base in the microwave, making sure not to boil it. Add your water, fragrance, color and optional herbs. The water will make the soap more pliable so that it can be rolled like a jelly roll.

Slowly pour the liquefied soap base into the lined pan starting in the middle. The soap will spread out filling the bottom of the pan. Use only 1/2 of the mixture, and reserve the other half for another scroll (or melt only half the soap at a time). Carefully watch and wait for the soap to harden. Once the soap is firm to the touch, pull up one of the 9″ sides and start to roll. (We used latex gloves so that it would not show our finger prints). If you wait too long the soap will not roll, so timing is everything!

Once the soap has been rolled into the log, roll it into some wax paper and let it harden further. The wax paper will help to keep it in shape and prevent any sweating. Once hard, trim the two edges and finish with handmade paper and raffia. Makes 2 – 8 oz soap scrolls which can be left whole or cut in half.

We used green tea and lime fragrance oils, red and green liquid soap colorants and dried green tea for our herb.