Solid Concealer or Corrector Mineral Makeup Recipes

Really big solid mineral makeup concealer or corrector.

Sick of running out of concealer? It seems like the first thing you run out of every month. Well here’s one that guaranteed to last for many months. Make enough to put one in each handbag too!

Mineral Makeup Concealers

Mineral Makeup Concealer Recipes


Ingredients: (Easy)

  • 1 part Carnauba Wax
  • 3-4 parts Jojoba Oil
  • Mineral Makeup Concealer Base (quick recipe below)(make a shade lighter than your Foundation shade)
  • Drops of essential oil (optional)
  • Tubes
    To Make Concealter Base:
    3 parts Serecite Mica or Silk Mica
    1 part Zinc Oxide or Micronized Titanium Dioxide
    1 part Magnesium Stearate
    .5 part Myristyl Myristate
    Pinches of Iron Oxides in a combination of brown, yellow, red, blue to achieve your desired shade.
    Blend these ingredients in your coffee grinder or Magic Bullet


Make your mineral foundation recipe a shade or two lighter than normal and set aside. In a glass measuring cup melt the wax and heat until melted. Add the jojoba oil and reheat. Stir in some of the concealer base and stir until incorporated. Reheat if necessary until nice and smooth, we blend ours with a stick blender. Let cool in the measuring cup and test the opacity of the concealer. Add more concealer base if necessary. Now check the slip to be sure it’s not too hard. If it is, add a little more jojoba or Myristyl, then add your essential if you wish – reheat and pour into your tubes.

Directions for Color Corrector Concealer Stick: (this is an easy version)

2 ozs Lip Balm Base
1/2 tsp. Myristyl Mristate
1-2 tblps Titanium Dioxide Rutile to your color selection.
drops of Essential Oil (optional for scent)

  • Blue/Lavender: sallowness  (ultramarine blue)
  • Pink/Peach: darkness, dullness and blue veins, particularly in fair skin (ultramarine pink)
  • Green: redness and broken capillaries. (chromium oxide green)
  • Yellow: dullness, sun spots, particularly in olive skin tones (yellow or mustard oxide)
  • Orange/Red: darkness on skin tones deeper than medium skin tones (red & yellow oxides, don’t add too much or any TD Rutile)

Add the amount of corrector colorant to your melted base until the base is well pigmented.  It may take up to 1 oz of pigment depending on how dark you want your final color.
Pour into stick containers or pencil blanks.