Solid Shampoo Bar made with SLS or SCS Needles Recipe

Made with sodium coco sulphate in needle form, these shampoo bars are perfect for traveling with and since there’s no bottle to dispose of, they are “green” as well. We colored and scented ours and wrapped them with a recycled paper band label. They make shampooing fun, last a long time and make tons of lather. You can customize your bars to any type of hair by just substituting a few ingredients…





Makes 4 — 4 oz tablet shampoo bars

  • 15 ozs of Sodium Coco Sulphate Needles
  • .3 ozs Distilled Water
  • .2 ozs Propylene Glycol
  • .2 ozs Fragrance of Essential Oil
  • .1 ozs Jojoba Oil
  • pinches of FD&C or D&C powdered colorants

All ingredients are weighed. In a large bowl weigh your SLS needles. In a separate small bowl add all the liquid ingredients and mix them with a few pinches of whatever color FD&C powder you want. All at once, pour the liquid/color mix into the SLS needles and mix with your hands (use gloves).

Mixture will be moist but not runny and wet. The needles will hold together when pressed. Press into shape by hand or into a smooth mold.  You must press very hard or they will not hold together.

We made a disc-shaped mold press using PVC end caps and pressed the mixture into the end cap to compress the needles (see photo below). The bar will come out of the mold with a light slam when turned over. Dry your bars on a wire rack overnight, wrap and use — no waiting to cure! See below how we made the mold.  You can also use your bath bomb press with the disc mold.



Add botanicals such as calendula petals (dried), peppermint leaf (dried), lavender (dried). Substitute jojoba oil with any carrier oil you desire. Add essential oils that help dandruff, itchy scalp, etc. Add little chunks of cocoa butter or shea butter for a conditioning shampoo bar.

Purchase 8 oz tins to travel with your shampoo bars.