The Perfect Bath Bomb Recipe

Are you sick of your bath bombs cracking, crumbling, fizzing when you’re making them?

Here is our exclusive recipe to make THE PERFECT BATH BOMB EVERYTIME!


The Perfect Bath Bomb Recipe

We’ve finally perfected our recipe and want to share it with all the other frustrated bath bomb makers out there.  We’ve made batch after batch, but nothing seemed to make the smooth, crack-free, hard bomb that makes everyone happy.  Also since we are in the South, where the humidity is high even in the winter months, it was impossible to get the whole batch perfect.
So without further ado…









This recipe makes 9 – 2 1/2″ sphere bombs.

Dry Ingredients: weighed
~24.6 ozs Baking Soda (Arm & Hammer)
~12.3 ozs Citric Acid
~1.5 ozs Corn Starch (any brand)
~1 oz Maltodextrin
~Sprinkles of powder colorants (mica’s or FD&C, D&C – Lake colors)

Wet Ingredients: measured
~4 tblsps of liquid oil (we like Sweet Almond or Grapeseed)
~1-2 tblsps of fragrance oil or essential oil
~Spray bottle full of Witch Hazel

Other items:  Stainless steel bowl, bath bomb mold/s, towel, gloves, freezer paper or smooth surface.

NOTES: This recipe contains no water.  You can also add salt, slsa, tartaric acid to the dry mix in less then 2 ozs each and melted shea or cocoa butter to the wet mix, but adjust your wet accordingly.
Candies, toys, botanicals can also be added to your liking.

Instructions:  Weigh all dry ingredients.  (FYI) – we weigh out several batches and put them into zip lock bags until we’re ready to make the bombs.  The mixture seems to work better once the dry ingredients have time to be together.  Add your desired powder colorant to the dry mix and work out all the lumps of the citric acid.  Reminder that the color will be darker once the oils are added.
Measure out the wet ingredients together and have your spray bottle of witch hazel close-by.

Add the wet to the dry and mix with gloved hands.  Mixture will feel slightly damp.  Start spritzing the witch hazel.  Give it about 15 sprays, mix, and continue until the mixture feels like damp sand.
It will not fizz or react, but do not over-wet the mixture.  Test to see if it hold together with your hands.  Start filling your molds, pressing each side together in one motion bringing the two halves together to form the ball.  Make a few bombs, then remove them from the mold and set on towel covered with smooth paper.  Allow bombs to dry overnight or a few days then you can wrap if you choose.  If you wish to add a painted design, mix some colored mica with a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol and using a small paint brush, add your design.  Do not push too hard, just gently stroke the mica paint on.  Allow to dry.

Adding SLSA (Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate) will give your bomb some wonderful bubbles.
Adding Tartaric Acid (Cream of Tartar) will allow the bomb to float better.

We are doing a new video on how we make our bombs perfect every time!  Send us your photos once you try this recipe.  All ingredients can be purchased in our shop or on our website.