Vanilla Creme’ Cold Process Soap Recipe

Super rich and creamy recipe made with real heavy cream.
Recipe for Vanilla Creme’ Cold Process SoapVanilla Creme CP Soap Recipe


 — Makes 5 lbs.
18.9 ozs Distilled Water
8.2 ozs Lye
24 ozs Coconut Oil
24 ozs Olive Oil
7 ozs Palm Oil
3 ozs Scent @ trace
Add 2 ozs of heavy cream at trace (cold, not frozen)

Scent: 1.5oz Vanilla Fragrance Oil  & 1.5oz Vanilla EO (warmed a little)
Additive: Whole oats

Prepare your water and lye by weighing out and adding the lye to the water.  Let cool to 100-110 degrees.  Prepare your oils by weighing each of them and heating them together until they are melted to 100-110 degrees.  Add the cooled lye/water mixture to your oils and blend and stir with the stick blender, but do not bring to full trace.  (*Note: full trace is achieved by continuously stick blending the batter).  Stirring and stick blending at intervals makes a finer texture soap.  Add a 1/4 cup of whole oats (optional), add your warmed vanilla fragrance and essential oil to the batter and blend in.
Slowly add 2 ozs of heavy cream at the very end and blend through.  We did not insulate the loaf and cut it into bars the next day.  It will darken to a rich brown in a few days.  Let cure 3-4 wks.

This is a rustic, rich vanilla soap with a super creamy lather and feel.  Enjoy!

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